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3M DD45-HI Headset


The DD45 is a dynamic helmet type closed supra-aural. It is intended for audiometric applications and is ideal for all of your Otowin devices.

Easy on-PC Spirometer

The Easy on-PC connects directly to a PC or laptop for real-time spirometry diagnostics. The software is easy to use and is licence-free. 

Otowin AudiometerOtowin Audiometer

Otowin Audiometer


The Otowin is a complete and portable audiometer. It was specially designed for health services within the framework of the screening and of the ability to work. It allows the realisation of all types of exams that you could want. It is used independently or through a computer (Windows or Mac).

Patient response button

Patient response button


Handle for recording the patient’s response. Compatible with Otowin, Audiosmart, Audioschool and Elios equipped with audiometry module.